Garbage disposal is an essential element of modern kitchens as it keeps food particles from blocking your sink and ruining your plumbing. They not only improve the hygiene of your home by throwing away food waste right away, but they also help save money by using fewer cleaning supplies to keep the kitchen tidy.

A functioning garbage disposal can preserve your pipes and keep your sink clean, but if it is not maintained correctly, it may wear down and cause issues with your kitchen’s plumbing system.

If your garbage disposal isn’t working correctly, call a licensed residential plumber immediately to fix it. If you wait too long, the problem could spread to your plumbing system.

You can only wash dishes, cook, or keep your kitchen tidy if your garbage disposal is working correctly. While some garburator issues can be repaired, some call for a complete replacement. Here are a few warning signs that you can look for that it’s time to replace your garburator.


If your garburator isn’t turning on, there could be an electrical outlet problem; therefore, ensure your garburator’s plug is correctly hooked into the outlet.

If the power cord is installed correctly to the outlet, ensure whether or not the reset button on the bottom of the garburator is pressed.

Last but not least, if the garbage disposal continues to have trouble working, examine your fuse box as, occasionally, the fuse that supplies energy to your garbage disposal can trip.

You might occasionally detect a humming sound when switching on your garburator and improper blade rotation. The garburator is receiving electricity, but the blades are being blocked by a clog or other impediment, as evidenced by the humming sound.

It is essential to hire a skilled residential plumber to unclog your blocked garbage disposal as attempting to solve this problem independently can put you at risk of creating more serious issues.

Water Leaks

Depending on what went wrong with the appliance, your garburator may leak in several places. A classic indication that it’s time to replace your unit is when water starts to flow from your garbage disposal.

Water seeping from the top of your unit is less problematic as it frequently indicates that the flange or seal connecting the unit to the drain needs to be fixed. Because these flanges and seals are easily replaceable, water seeping from the top of your garburator is a simple problem.

Water that drips from the bottom of your garburator often signifies a more serious issue as it indicates that the seal inside the garburator has broken. Garburators with damaged internal seals can be repaired. However, it is typically more cost-effective to buy a new one.

Hence, if your garbage disposal is leaking, call a licensed residential plumbing company, and let them assess what should be done with your garbage disposal.

Bad Odors

Old food and waste can emit unpleasant odours, but this can be avoided by using a properly operating garbage disposal. Even after thoroughly rinsing and running your garbage disposal, odours may still be present if obstinate particles lodged inside the unit won’t budge. Consult with a specialist to get rid of these entrapped particles.

Slow Drainage

Occasionally your garbage disposal may operate normally, but the water and waste may take too long to drain.

Clogs in the drain and obstructions in the garburator are typically to blame for this issue. If your garbage disposal unit’s drain is draining slowly, there are several things you can do to try to address the issue. However before attempting any maintenance be sure to turn off the power. Often, a slow drain is caused by a clog in the disposal unit or the drain line. To check for a clog, turn off the water supply and use a flashlight to look inside the disposal unit. If you can see any foreign objects or debris, you can try to use pliers or tongs to remove them. You can also try running hot water and vinegar through the disposal unit to help break down any buildup or debris that may be causing the drain to drain slowly. Fill the sink with hot water, add a cup of vinegar, and let it sit for a few minutes before turning on the disposal unit and letting it run for a few seconds.

However, hiring a qualified residential plumber is the best course of action as they have the skills to clear clogs from garbage disposals, garbage disposal units, and drains.

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