Edmonton homes are often prone to plumbing problems during extreme winters weather from November to March. This is most probable if a pipeline is older and runs within the outside walls of the house. But prompt troubleshooting, routine maintenance and upkeep can assist in preventing these seasonal issues.

Professional and reliable residential plumbers in Edmonton are always ready to remedy common winter plumbing problems and assist residents in maintaining their homes.

Certain plumbing issues are more prevalent than others during the colder months. Listed below are a few winter maintenance issues you might experience, along with their solutions.

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Winterize And Protect Your Pipelines

When not adequately winterized, external pipes that serve external spigots might sustain damage. Since these pipelines typically run beneath the house, their issues might go undetected for months, in turn leading to a damaged foundation, fractured pipes and flooded crawlspaces.

If your external pipelines have sustained winter damage, get them repaired by a reputable plumber in Edmonton and remember to winterize them the next fall season. This refers to detaching the connections, draining the water and preserving them for winter.

Additionally, ponder upon switching to frost-free hose bibs from external spigots. These carefully designed parts are positioned at a downward angle to enable draining and come with a water outlet closer to the centre, assisting in preventing the probability of freezing.

The pipelines that supply the external hose bibs of your house should be properly insulated.

You can easily prevent these unseen plumbing issues by hiring a reliable plumbing service provider. They will replace the external spigots with frost-free hose bib designs. Your home will be well protected over the winter with this affordable addition.

Keep Your House Warm

Keeping your home warm is another strategy to safeguard your plumbing system in winter. Maintaining a constant temperature of around 20°C guarantees the needed warmth of your pipes.

If your house is segmented, ensure that all segments of the house are kept at the same optimum temperature as inconsistent heating across segments can cause damage to your plumbing system.

Regularly Inspect your Water Heater

An appliance that is increasingly crucial for Canadian households is a water heater in winter. Hence, if you didn’t get your heater inspected during the fall season, then now is the ideal time to check if everything is functioning properly. The latter will ensure that you do not encounter any unexpected and sudden water heater inconveniences for the remaining part of the cold season.

To completely examine and operate your water heating system, hire a competent plumbing service.

These professionals will discover all problems during a thorough inspection and carry out essential replacements and adjustments accordingly. To avoid scorching water and reduce energy waste, adjust the water temperature in your heater as recommended by the plumber.

Maintain Your Main Water Valve

The main water valve contributes to numerous plumbing issues in the winter. The main valve frequently breaks down in the winter due to people often ignoring its repair.

In order to prevent complicated plumbing issues down the line, you should contact a licenced plumbing service provider and get your main water valve tested and repaired.

Ensure the valve is simple to use and in good working order so that you can rapidly switch off the water supply if a pipe bursts.

Regulate Your Water Pressure

Maintaining water pressure within your home is essential as low pressure can lead to a variety of plumbing issues.

Hence, consider the use of a pressure sensor to monitor your water pressure frequently and keep it at a reasonable level. You can also have a pressure regulator installed by your plumber.

Prevent Your Kitchen Drain From Clogging

Your plumbing system can be severely impacted by how you dispose of your kitchen trash and dining scraps. In order to prevent your pipes from getting backed up, never pour kitchen leftovers down your pipes as they might build up in the pipes.

Conversely, you may let the grease harden in your cooking pot and later scoop it into the garbage. To prevent issues with your kitchen drain during the winter, have your pipes regularly checked and maintained by a plumber.

Monitor Leaks

You must carefully check for leaks in your exposed pipeline. Early leak detection is preferable as it will assist you in preventing more complicated plumbing issues.

Hence, as soon as you notice any leaks in your pipeline, call a skilled plumber to get it serviced.

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