There are so many ways you can improve your residential and commercial plumbing systems.Improving the efficiency of a plumbing system can save considerable energy and water. Everyhomeowner should put efforts to reduce water waste and energy consumption by maintaining old as well new plumbing fixtures.

Efforts made to save energy greatly benefit the environment. There are some simple and some complicated steps you can take to enhance the energy efficiency of your home or office. Take a good look at your fixtures and determine if some components of your plumbing system need repair or replacement. Follow these simple tips to improve the performance of your residential or commercial plumbing system:

Install tankless water heaters

An old-fashioned water heater holds around 40 gallons of water or more in the tank.Keeping that much water near a target temperature requires energy. When you are sleeping or at work, your water heater is still working, consuming energy to keep the water warm all the time. This is a complete waste of electricity. One good thing about tankless water heaters is that they heat up water instantly by running it through coils, saving energy and reducing your bills. Consider to replace your old, inefficient water heater and get a tankless heater for your premises.

Use low-flow fixtures

Low-flow fixtures are special devices that are applied to different appliances to control or moderate the flow of water. They effectively reduce water and energy consumption helping residents save money on energy bills. Low-flow technology can be implemented to showerheads, faucets, toilets, aerators, etc. Consult an experienced and knowledgeable plumber to learn more about low-flow solutions and how you can implement these solutions to bring about dramatic results.

A dual flush toilet is another great fixture that helps save a large amount of water annually. It is a high-efficiency fixture that consumes less water per flush. If your toilet is old, carry out a thorough inspection and replace the old unit and upgrade it with an efficient toilet.

Regular plumbing maintenance

Most of Edmonton’s residents invest in their heating and air systems, but HVAC is not the only plumbing component that requires your attention. You should also pay due attention and take good care of your home plumbing system. Regular maintenance is essential to maintaining various fixtures and appliances. Therefore, hire a professional plumbing service in Edmonton to carry out regular inspection and maintenance activities to keep every part of your plumbing system in good working condition.

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