Simple Steps To Effectively Maintain Your Septic System

Maintaining the septic system installed in your house is not a complicated task. Household septic systems must be inspected by a professional plumber at least twice a year. Buried beneath your backyard, a septic system works continuously – still considered as the most undervalued and overlooked utility in your home. Why should you care about this? A well-maintained septic system can remain functional for at least 30 years.

Most people don’t really give much thought as to what happens when human waste goes down the drain. The prime function of a septic system is to treat and dispose of wastewater. You are likely to face problems if any of your plumbing equipment stops working. If you think it is important to maintain the plumbing components installed in your house, follow these simple steps:

Use water efficiently

A single-family home typically uses about 65-70 gallons of water per day or more. A single leak in your plumbing system can waste as much as 200 gallons of water per day. All of the water, a household consumes, goes straight to the septic system. If you use water efficiently, less water will enter the tank. Excessive water consumption can lead to the risk of system failure.

Dispose of waste properly

Whether you use a garbage disposal, flush it down the toilet or pour it down the sink, everything that goes down the drain ends up in the septic tank. Therefore, make sure you are disposing of the waste properly and not putting anything hard or sticky down the drain. Paper towels, oil, cigarette butts, chemicals, etc can hurt the drainage system and cause obstructions. What goes down the drainage pipes will have an impact on how well your sewerage system performs.

A collection of living organisms are responsible for treating and digesting household waste. Therefore, avoid pouring harmful chemicals down the drain as it can kill the organisms and affect the performance of your on-site sewage system.

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Inspect regularly

It can be a difficult task to locate the system if the access to your tank is buried. If you are unable to locate the tank, go to the basement and find the direction the sewer pipe goes out through the wall. A professional plumber would be able to quickly locate and inspect your hidden plumbing components and provide necessary maintenance.

If you think your residential septic system is not working efficiently, get professional assistance from a reliable plumber. Regular inspection and maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements.

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