Garbage disposal is an integral part of modern kitchens as it prevents food particles from clogging your sink and damaging your plumbing.

A working garburator will keep your pipes and sink clean, but if it is not maintained properly it will wear out over time and will cause problems to your kitchen’s plumbing system.

If your garburator is having problems then call a certified residential plumber and get it fixed immediately, if not fixed on time it will cause more damage to your plumbing system.

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When your garbage disposal is having issues it will impact the way you wash, cook or keep your kitchen clean. Some garburator problems can be fixed with repairs, while some require a full replacement.

There are some common signs that indicate that it’s time to change your garburator. In this blog post we have outlined 3 common signs that you need to replace your garburator.

Improper Functioning

If your garburator is not turning on then it can be an electrical outlet issue, so before calling a professional you should check if the plug of your garburator is correctly plugged into the outlet.

If the power cord is properly connected to the outlet then the next thing you should check is if the reset button on the bottom of your garburator is pushed in properly or not.

Lastly, if the garbage disposal is still not turning on then you should check your fuse box, as sometimes the fuse supplying electricity to your garburator gets tripped.

Sometimes when you turn on your garburator you may hear a humming sound and notice that the blades are not turning properly. This humming sound is an indication that the garburator is getting electricity but there is a clog or obstruction that is blocking the blades.

Some people try to fix this problem themselves but that leads to more severe problems, hence it is best to call a certified residential plumber to unclog your clogged garburator.

Leaking Water

Your garburator can leak from different areas depending on what has gone wrong with the unit. Water leaking from your garbage disposal is a common sign that you need to replace your unit.

Water leaking from the top of your unit is less problematic, as this often points to a damaged seal or flange that connects the unit to the drain and these flanges and seals can be easily replaced hence it is easy to fix water leaking from the top of your garburator.

But if your garburator is leaking from the bottom then the problem is more serious, as this points to a damaged seal which is present inside the garburator. While it is possible to fix garburators with broken internal seals it is usually more cost-effective to get a new one.

So if your garburator is leaking call a certified residential plumber and let them decide what needs to be done to your garburator.

Slow Drain

Sometimes your garburator may sound like it is working fine, but simply takes too long for the water and waste to run down your drain.

This problem is usually caused by both clogs in the drain as well as clogs in the garburator. If after manually turning the blades the sink still doesn’t drain faster then the next thing you can do is plunge the drain.

But the best way to fix this problem is by calling a professional residential plumber as professionals will know how to unclog the drain and garburator and fix your garbage disposal.

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