Sewer Maintenance: A Way To Prevent Costly Repairs

Regular sewer line maintenance can help prevent sewer obstruction. We know that sewer backups can cost money and time. Your home plumbing system demands periodic maintenance to keep its good appearance. Some of the common maintenance activities include clearing sewer lines, repairing pipe leaks, and steps to make heating systems more efficient. Most of the residents do not really check their sewer systems regularly which ultimately leads to more complicated obstructions and expensive repairs.

The drain system in your premise, if not properly maintained, can cause unhealthy situations. One reliable and permanent solution is to schedule regular inspections and read the early symptoms of trouble. Following are some of the common problems associated with sewer lines and tips to avoid them:

Accumulation of greasy substance

Oil, grease and other sticky substances are one of the leading reasons behind sewer pipe blockages. It is not advisable to pour food articles, oil or grease down the drain. When we pour oil and other greasy liquids down the drain, they eventually cool and solidify resulting in nasty blockage. Installing a grease receptor under the sink is a good way to stop food items from entering the line. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to occasionally clean the drain.

Debris and leaves accumulation

Sewer lines have to channel all kind of debris away from the building. It is not just the kitchen sink from where objects enter the drain, water from the yard also carry leaves, mud, and debris that can clog the drain. One way to prevent this problem is to keep debris from entering the yard drain by using grates. Regular cleaning of the drain catch basin also helps prevent mud accumulation.

Tree roots can damage

When tree roots start making their way into the sewer, it is hard to control how quickly they can grow and block the line. Cracks in the pipe let the tree roots enter into the line and cause damage. One solution is not to grow plants or trees near the sewer line. However, tree roots can grow long and damage the sewer line installed away from trees.

Sewer blockages can be complicated and hard to fix using home remedies. You should immediately hire an experienced and well-equipped plumber to deal with plumbing issues of this nature. As a professional and well-prepared plumbing team in Edmonton, we take care of your sewer maintenance and all kind of plumbing problems. At Dunn Rite Plumbing & Gas, we are available 24/7 to serve your plumbing needs with affordable and durable solutions.