Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

It’s important to customize your home a little to facilitate your fluffy friends. Pet owners often face plumbing issues that have something to do with their pets. Being a pet owner, you need to make small adjustments to keep your pet healthy and avoid plumbing repairs or replacement bills.

Don’t let hair enter the drain

It’s probably a good idea to give your pet a nice and warm bath to keep her clean. However, it’s not advisable to let the animal hair enter the drain. All you need to do is use drain stoppers during bath time. Hair and mud, when mixed with other sticky substances, can block the drainage system. Many households understand how much inconvenience a drainage obstruction can cause. To prevent the buildup inside your plumbing pipes, use drain stoppers to prevent the hair from flowing down the drain.

Cover openings and pipes

Some pets love to explore or chew everything from shoes and toys to plumbing pipes and fixtures. If your pet loves to do so, it can be harmful not only to your pet but also to your fixtures. Make sure to cover openings firmly and pipes to avoid pipe damage and leaks. Small animals such as kittens and puppies can easily enter open floor drains.

Keep the toilet lid down

Pets are known for their habit of drinking water from the toilet. If your pet likes to go into the bathroom and drink water or play, make sure to keep the toilet lid down. Your pet drinking from the toilet isn’t going to harm your plumbing systems but it is certainly not good for your pet. When it comes to having a pet-proof plumbing system, you have to observe these small practices to avoid serious problems. For example, toilet cleaning products can make your pet sick if they lick the harmful residue. Also, keep the toilet lid down to prevent your pet from falling in.

Dispose of pet waste correctly

It might be fine to just flush the pet waste down the toilet. However, it’s recommended not to do so if your pet is a cat. Cat litter, when flushed down the toilet, can create nasty obstructions which ultimately causes damage to your plumbing system. From animal waste to toilet paper, there are some objects that you should dispose of properly.

Plumbing pipes are normally buried deep in the ground. However, if the water lines in your house are laid just below the surface, make sure your pet is unable to access or damage them. If the plumbing system or fixtures in your house have already been damaged, call a professional plumber to inspect and repair them.

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