How To Remove And Replace An Old Toilet

There are several reasons why you might be looking for ways to replace your old toilet. You may have purchased a new flashy toilet, and you cannot wait to set it up. You could also be looking to save on money and water costs due to a leaky toilet. You could be doing it because your old toilet is dirty and stained beyond reckoning, and there isn’t a chemical strong enough to deal with that old corpse of a toilet.

No matter what your reasons are, these pro toilet removal & installation tips will help you get the job done in a smooth, hassle-free way.

Old toilet removal

You want to be wearing latex gloves when dealing with old toilet removal and for setting up a new toilet.

Understanding toilet sizes

It is important to get a toilet that fits your space. Most modern toilets come in standard sizes. However, if your toilet is old, it may have other dimensions.

Using a measuring tape, calculate the distance from the wall to the closet bolts. Be sure to measure the distance from the wall, not the trim. Next, measure the distance from the sidewalls to the closet bolts.

You will need these dimensions when you look for a new toilet.

Toilet bowl shapes

Generally, toilets come in two different bowl shapes:

  • Rounded bowl, which is slightly reduced
  • Elongated bowl, for added comfort of use

Step by step instructions for removing your old toilet

  1. Turn the water supply off.
  2. Flush the tank and hold the handle. Wait for the tank to drain completely. If there is any leftover water, use a sponge to remove it from the toilet bowl. Alternatively, you can also use liquid solidifier for removing excess water from the bowl.
  3. Detach the water supply from the tank. Unscrew the nuts from the closet bolts. The old toilet is detached and ready to come out.
  4. Lay the old toilet on a garbage bag and carry it away. Toilets are heavy so you may need some help lifting it. With the old toilet disposed of, the toilet drain will now be visible alongside the old wax ring residue.
  5. First things first, cover the drain using an old rag to block the sewer fumes.
  6. Use a scraper to remove the wax ring leftover.
  7. With the old wax ring gone, the flange will be exposed. Replace the flange if it’s rusted. Repair it using a flange repair kit if it’s still in working condition. A word of caution: we want the flange to be higher than the finish floor. If you’re installing new flooring and you find the flange beneath the floor surface, you can get a number of attachments for elevating your flange to the proper height.
  8. Insert a new pair of closet bolts in the flange.

New toilet installation

Follow these instructions for installing a new toilet.

Prep the bowl

  1. Place the bowl upside down on a piece of cloth. Do it gently or you may crack the ceramic bowl.
  2. Gently press the new wax ring over the hole.

Installing the new toilet

  1. Remove the rag covering the drain. Lift the new toilet and position it so the closet bolt openings on the toilet are directly on top of the respective closet bolts on the flange. Lower the toilet gently over the closet bolts.
  2. Secure the closet bolts using nuts, washers and cap base, alternating between each side as you go. Don’t over tighten the closet bolts or you will crack the new toilet.
  3. Most modern toilets come with the flush, handle and assembly installed, but if this isn’t the case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing these mechanisms.
  4. Next, install the bolts and rubber gaskets.
  5. Place the tank in place and secure it using nuts.
  6. Make sure that the tank is level. Tighten the nuts until it’s watertight.
  7. Attach the water supply and allow some water to run slowly. Check for leaks around the gasket and the supply lines. Make adjustments if required.
  8. Attach the new seat using a screwdriver.
  9. Flush the toilet. Then scan the area around the base for leaks. Seal the base using latex caulk. Place the cover on top of the tank.

Your new toilet is installed and ready for use. Since it’s wax, you don’t have to wait for it to set.

If you need help in replacing your old toilet and installing a new one, get in touch with Dunn Rite Plumbing and Gas. We offer a full range of plumbing services in Edmonton and nearby areas. Contact Dunn Rite Plumbing today.