How to Find And Fix Frozen Pipes

The pattern of water molecules changes as they freeze and take up more space. When it comes to plumbing pipes in your premise, the expansion of frozen water put extra strain on water pipes. Some pipes are made of flexible materials so that they can withstand the pressure created by ice. In the cold regions of Canada, water pipes are placed in heated interior areas of a building so that water do not freeze in pipes.

Inadequate insulation, malfunctioning thermostat, and faulty taping can be the major reasons why water freeze inside pipes. We know frozen water can rupture pipes and cause heavy damage. So how to figure out if the pipes installed in your premise are frozen. There is a simple process to determine whether or not water is frozen inside the pipes. If you turn on the faucet and water does not show up, or toilet flush stops refilling itself, chances are that water pipes in your house are frozen.

How to locate a frozen pipe

Start with checking pipes for cracks and splits. Turn on all the faucets to check whether or not all the faucets are working. If water is running smoothly from one faucet and not from another, the issue can be found along the pipe running between them. Let the water run through faucets as it would prevent further freezing and melt the ice.

Look for cracks and frozen areas

Before tearing apart walls, check the easily accessible pipes. It would be of great help if you could narrow down the search to smaller areas. Check out pipes near uninsulated areas, cold air vents and concrete, outdoor valves. Frozen water usually splits the pipe lengthwise or cracks joints.

There are a number of techniques to fix frozen pipes. One simple solution is adding salt to frozen drains. Salt can make ice melt in colder temperature. Following are some other techniques to consider:

  • Heating the surrounding air
  • Applying heat tape
  • Wrapping pipe in hot towels
  • Blowing a fan heater
  • Pipe insulation

Some plumbing issues can be of serious nature. You always need professional assistance to fix problems which require skills and proper equipment. If you are unable to locate and fix frozen pipes, call a plumber immediately so that problem can be resolved durably and further damage can be prevented. Damaged or leaking pipes can cause heavy damage to walls and foundations of your house.

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