High Water Pressure: A Possible Cause of Damage To Pipes

Many homeowners don’t realize that when the water pressure is higher than normal it’s harmful to your plumbing fixtures, and especially your pipes. It may feel relaxing and satisfying to have high pressure water to wash a car or the garage, for instance, but it has a lot of disadvantages.

Wastage Of Water

When you have a high pressure of water, it often results in loss of water. That not only increases the cost of the bill but also might result in a shortage of water for you and your neighbors. Being a practical person, you should try not to pay for more water than you need. Secondly, if you think as a responsible citizen, you should be a source of preserving natural resources and not wasting them.

Damages To Your Plumbing Fixtures

The most significant disadvantage of using high water pressure is the damage to your plumbing fixtures. Yes, you heard it right, high pressured water can damage the pipes and other plumbing fixtures you have.

High pressured water can cause the pipes to crack and break. Because of this, it can be costly for you. You’ll have to repair or replace the pipes just because of the high pressure. You must check the pressure of your water supply and take adequate measures to avoid the damage.

In addition to pipes cracking and breaking, the other threat is to your fixtures, like taps, toilets, and showerheads. The high pressured water can cause the faucets and toilets to keep on running or dripping continuously.

The Right Water Pressure

There has to be adequate water pressure coming into your pipes. The appropriate pressure of water is less than 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). Anything at 60 or above proves to be too high of pressure and that might cause damage to your plumbing system and fixtures.

Where Can You Learn About High Pressure?

After understanding the damage that the high pressure of water can do to your plumbing system, you must know how to identify that your water pressure is high. Well, there are some indications that alert you of the increase in pressure.

Noisy Pipes

First of all, banging sounds coming from the pipes can indicate high water pressure. When the water rushes through your plumbing system, it makes loud sounds. You can get an idea from these sounds that the water pressure is high, and your pipes are likely to face damage soon.

Running Toilets

If your toilets are running continuously, that means that your water pressure might be higher than the adequate 60 pounds per square inch. If you want to avoid further damage that might prove to be very costly, you have to keep a close watch on your running toilets. That might be a worrying sign, and if you act timely enough, you can avoid future costs.

Leaky Faucets

The third indication is leaking faucets. If you notice that your faucets leak at certain times of the day or when you have used them, you’d better be careful and get your water pressure checked and fixed. It might be due to the high water pressure that your faucets are leaking, and it may cause further damage to the pipes and other fixtures as well. This is because the water is going to every pipe and reaching every fixture of your plumbing system.

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