Drain Cleaning Basics You Should Know

If you spend time in the kitchen, you must be familiar with the horrors of clogged drains. However, the problem is not limited to the kitchen; in fact, any drain line in your house can get clogged.

Kitchen drains

When your kitchen drain gets clogged, there can be a number of reasons behind this: solid waste or chunks of soap stuck in the drain or grease deposits.

Anything that is not purely liquid should not be going down the drain. If it doesn’t pour, throw it in the garbage or dustbin. If you try to dispose of solids down the drain, even if they are small pieces of solid waste, they can clog the drain over time. You must clean the pipes and clear obstructions. All the food deposit must be removed from the pipes to make sure there is no remaining blockage.

Bathroom drains

Bathrooms are meant to have water splashing around but when the water begins to overflow, it becomes a problem. The drains in your toilet can get clogged easily due to hair and toilet paper that get stuck in the drainage.

Throw some water around the drain to get rid of the extra foam or any shampoo build-up that may be causing the blockage. To remove the hair, use a thin stick and try to remove the clogging. If none of these methods work, the best solution is to call a professional plumber.

Clogging in outdoor sewage line

Another residential drainage issue commonly faced by households is clogging in the outdoor gutter. The municipal sewage line that runs into your home to dispose the waste into the main line may also get clogged. You should call a drain cleaning service to clean out the mess.

Home remedies

Using lemon juice or vinegar can solve half of your problems. The citric acid can effectively dissolve the fatty acids of soap and grease that accumulates in the pipes. You can also use baking soda or salt to get rid of the fats that are clogging the pipes.

Plunger to the rescue

We often neglect the importance of a simple plunger that is often present in our toilets. It is used to clean clogged sinks and toilets. Place the plunger over the drain and pull as hard as you can. This is usually a simple remedy but if you are unable to unclog your pipes and drains effectively, call a plumbing company.

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