Blocked Drain And Its Harmful Effects

The plumbing system in your house is not all about supplying clean water and draining out the waste, but it also plays a crucial role in protecting the health of households. Obstructed and damaged drainage lines cause sewage overflow leading to potentially dangerous health issues. Bacteria and harmful substances present in the waste will expose you and your family to serious health concerns. Obstructed sewage lines, therefore, is a serious issue which should be given due attention in order to avoid plumbing emergencies such as a blocked drain.

Experts suggest that it is absolutely important to carry out regular maintenance and inspection activities to keep you and your home’s plumbing system out of trouble. When it comes to obstructions and waste overflows, the real problem can be found in the deep areas not visible to eyes. Since obstruction may be located in the hidden areas, you may find it difficult to trace the problem early and fix it before it gets too late. You will probably come to know about a sewer blockage when it starts causing great inconvenience.

The plumbing problems such as pipe leaks and drain blockage can cause irreparable damage to your property, or worse, spread fatal diseases. Drainage lines are generally four inches in diameter and are designed to carry toilet tissue, water, and human waste. When other hard objects are flushed down the toilet they can get blocked in the line and build up an obstruction.

Helicobacter pylori is the most common bacteria found in the sewage system. It causes peptic ulcer, a condition where sores develop on the lining of the stomach. Obstructed sewage can also cause typhoid and campylobacteriosis which are infectious diseases. Children are more likely to get infected with typhoid and other skin conditions. Inadequate sewage disposal is reported to be the leading reason of typhoid.

One of the best technique to avoid the blocked drains and health issues associated with it is to be very careful about what you put into drain pipes, sinks, tubs, etc. Hair, plastic bags, clothing, kitchen waste, and other hard objects can be the biggest enemies of a drainage system. You should take precautionary measures and do not let substances other than water and human waste enter the drain.

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