3 Techniques to Tell If Your Plumbing Pipes Are Worn Out

It is important to regularly inspect plumbing pipes installed in your building whether residential or commercial. Inspection becomes even more important if your building is old and structurally deficient. When a plumbing system ages, it start causing various issues such as leakages, corrosion, and obstructions.

In order to save time and money in the long run, you have to watch out for pipe-related issues. Inspect hidden areas in your building, places like crawl spaces, basements, and utility rooms to find out whether or not the plumbing pipes are in good shape. Following are 3 quick tips to inspect and trace down the worn out pipes:

1. Leaks

Plumbing leaks should be given immediate attention because a small leak can be a warning that something is terribly wrong with the pipes. If you come across a leaked and damaged pipe, reach a plumber to get it replaced or repaired. Pipes in your house are likely to be as old as the house itself and, like other fixtures, they deteriorate.

Mold or mildew on a wall is a clear sign of a leak because mold grows in a moist environment. In most of the cases, there is an old pipe behind mold accumulations. It is hard to detect a leak if it is hidden behind a wall or floor. You should take mold growth as a serious concern and take action to fix it. Water leaks also create an odor.

2. Discolored water

If you see discolored water coming from your kitchen faucet or any other point, find a reliable plumber immediately. Yellow water can be an indication of rusting pipe. On top of that, we cannot use water containing rust elements. Some plumbing issues do not require an emergency response. However, rusty water is surely a sign of trouble.

3. Stains under fixtures

If there are stains underneath your sinks, tubs, or other fixtures, this could be a sign indicating worn out pipes. Inspect ceiling and see if there is any stain. Water leaks can badly affect the integrity of a building. Therefore, replace old pipes in order to avoid serious plumbing situations.

You can hire a plumbing contractor to carry out regular inspection in order to detect and fix problems at their early stage. Delaying repair or replacement activities is by no means recommended.

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