4 Tips To Avoid Toilet Troubles

Toilet problems are one of the most frustrating plumbing issues that one can encounter. Homeowners never want to deal with a toilet that does not function properly.

These toilet issues can become very annoying and messy if they are not dealt with on time. So if you are facing toilet issues, then the first thing you should do is call a certified residential plumber to get your toilet fixed.

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Some people may try to fix their toilet troubles themselves, making things more difficult. Toilet problems are complex and difficult to detect so only a certified residential plumber should attempt to fix them.

Hence, if you are having toilet troubles, don’t try to fix them yourself because chances are that you will make the problem more complicated.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that homeowners don’t take into consideration while using their toilets which lead to serious toilet troubles. In this blog post, we will outline four tips that will help you avoid toilet problems.

Do Not Flush Unnecessary Items

The best way to make a toilet run at an optimal level is by avoiding flushing anything that is not meant to be in the toilet bowl.

For instance, it is a very common practice to flush baby wipes and diapers down the toilet. But this is a huge mistake, and it leads to clogs and blockage. So make sure you dispose of such things in a dustbin or discard them in some other way.

Other common things that are often flushed by people are dental floss, cotton swabs, feminine products, and cigarette butts. All these items, when flushed down the toilet, block the drain pipes, so make sure that you keep all such items out of your toilet.

So if your toilet gets clogged very often, make sure that you are not flushing unnecessary items down the toilet. Also, call a residential plumber and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Check For Wobbles

The toilet can wobble from side to side, affecting its performance. This problem can also occur with a toilet seat over time.

Sometimes, it can be easily solved by simply tightening the bolts and nuts that may have come loose.

While in some cases, the wobble may be the result of wear and tear over time. In this case, you will have to call a certified plumber and get it replaced.

Check For Leaks Regularly

A leaky toilet is something that you should never ignore. Leaky toilets waste a significant amount of water and can increase your water bills over time if not dealt with effectively.

Also, a leak in your toilet is an indication that there is a serious problem that needs to be fixed before things get worse.

For instance, if you see water collecting around the base of your toilet, then you may have to replace the ring or wax seal around the opening of your toilet.

If you don’t fix the toilet leaks promptly, it will cause serious damage to your bathroom floor. So make sure to check for toilet leaks regularly and call a professional residential plumber as soon as you detect toilet leaks to avoid serious damage.

Don’t Use Low-Quality Chemical Cleaners

If your toilet gets clogged, you might like to pour chemical drain cleaner down the bowl. Many people believe that by pouring chemical cleaners down the drain, they will magically get rid of their clog in their toilet.

But in reality, using these products to break up toilet clogs is not a great move because the harsh chemicals in these cleaners have the potential to damage both your drain pipes and toilet.

You should use a plunger instead of a chemical cleaner to break up any clogs. But the best way to get rid of toilet clogs is by calling a certified drain cleaner.

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