3 Tips To Improve Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common problem faced by many Canadian households. Even though to some people it might not be a big problem, it can cause real annoyance to others.

Starting your day with a weak shower can be really annoying and unsatisfying. But since all the other plumbing problems rank higher in the priority list, the low water pressure issue often gets ignored.

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The majority of homeowners have now learned to live their lives with low water pressure, but it should not be something you should compromise on.

If water dribbles out of your taps and faucets and the washing machine takes an eternity to fill, then you are facing the effects of low water pressure.

The best way to fix this issue is by hiring a certified residential plumber in Edmonton, as they know how to solve such problems.

There are a number of reasons that could cause low water pressure, and can be fixed with a few simple tips.

In this blog post, we will outline 3 tips that will help you improve the water pressure in your home.

Use A Water Pressure Gauge

The first thing you should do is test the water pressure of your house yourself. Sometimes the water pressure appears low due to an issue with the showerhead or the faucet.

So it is better that you first check the pressure of water in your house using a water pressure gauge and ensure that the problem does not lie in the showerhead or other appliances.

You can buy a water pressure gauge easily online or from a nearby store. After buying the device, simply screw it onto the hose bib of your house and turn on the tap.

If you want to get an exact reading, then make sure that all the other taps and faucets in your house are turned off.

Once you turn on the hose bib, the water pressure gauge will give you a value in psi (pounds per square inch).

So, if the value is lower or in between 45 to 50 PSI, then the water pressure is low. If the value is 60 PSI, then the water pressure is perfect, but if the value is 80 PSI or above, then it means the water pressure is high.

Check The Shower Head

If the water pressure of your house is 60 PSI, but you still get low water pressure while showering, then there is something wrong with your shower head.

The pipes in your house can get clogged due to mineral buildup over time. If this problem is left untreated, the buildup can decrease the diameter of your pipes until they become clogged.

So when the pipes get clogged, it restricts the water from flowing freely, and you experience low-pressure water in the shower, and water dribbles slowly from your faucets.

Hence, to fix this problem, you should call a certified residential plumber as they know how to fix clogged pipes and showerheads.

Some people will try different DIY hacks to unclog their showerheads, but this can be dangerous, so it is better to call a professional.

Install A Water Pressure Booster

If the water pressure of your house is below or in between 45 to 50 PSI, then this means that your house has low water pressure.

Similarly, if your house is situated in a locality in which the water has to travel uphill or over a great distance from the main water source, then this can also affect its pressure.

As a solution to this problem, you can increase the flow of your water once it reaches your home with the help of a water pressure booster.

A water pressure booster is a machine that can increase the water pressure of your house. It consists of an electric pump that sends water to a tank which keeps it at the desired pressure.

We recommend that you get it installed by a certified residential plumber, as its installation is a bit tricky and requires proper tools such as air compressors, wrenches, and all types of complex plumbing equipment.

So it is better that you stay out of this hassle and let an experienced residential plumber install your water pressure booster properly.

Once the water pressure booster is appropriately installed, you will get the ideal water pressure in your house.

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