Drain Cleaning: Finding A Dependable Plumbing Company In Edmonton

The sewer line is the major drain in your house or office. All other drains such as the shower, tub, toilet, and sink lead to the main sewer line. A blockage in the main sewer line is certainly a plumbing concern which requires immediate professional attention. And a blockage in the main line will ultimately obstruct other drains. While the sticky materials we throw into sinks and toilets cause obstruction, tree roots piercing the pipe is one of the major reasons why households face plumbing problems such as drain blockage. It is surely hard to predict or prevent tree roots from damaging a pipe.

How to fix drain blockage

If your house is experiencing a slow drain, have a reliable plumber inspect the line to find out and clear the blockage. If you are in Edmonton, call Dunn Rite Plumbing & Gas. We are a fast, affordable, and dependable plumbing company in Edmonton. Drain blockages can easily be prevented if you pay attention to small things such as:

  • Don’t rinse large or sticky bits of food or sticky substances down the sink when doing dishes. Drain blockage doesn’t happen in one day or week, small sticky particles start piling up in the line which ultimately leads to clogged drains.
  • Clean out the tub drains and showers regularly to prevent particles and hair clumps from creating an obstruction in the sewers.
  • Don’t let your children flush foreign objects down the toilet. Children often throw toys and other hard objects which can cause massive obstruction and inconvenience.

It is advisable to take necessary measures now in order to avoid expensive pipe replacements and repair in the future. Aging pipes also cause a number of plumbing problems. It’s much better to replace them on time. Especially in Edmonton where plumbing pipes have to go through aggressive weather conditions.

Dunn Rite Plumbing & Gas provides prompt and reliable drain cleaning services to commercial and residential areas. It can be challenging to find a reliable plumbing company in Edmonton especially when you face a plumbing emergency like drain blockage. We have been making life easier by providing a broad range of residential and commercial plumbing services. We not only resolve issues but also maintain and improve your plumbing system. As a team of highly experienced and certified plumbers in Edmonton, we ensure quality, affordability, and premium customer service.

We understand that time and money is important. Don’t waste yours. Give us a quick call whenever you need a reputable and dependable plumber!