Why Are My Pipes Making Noise?

While you enjoy different water temperatures in your shower with raging speed and pressure, your home’s plumbing is quietly suffering. However, you often don’t realize it, and only when they start to make strange noises, do they become successful in grabbing your attention.

Sometimes the noises coming from the pipes are due to high water pressure, but other times they indicate serious plumbing issues. Such issues can quickly become a threat to your overall plumbing system and your house. Moreover, the pipe noises don’t just create havoc and cause plumbing inconveniences but also create an uncomfortable environment around the house, making it extremely necessary to know what is causing those sounds exactly.

Below, we discuss five common pipe noises and the plausible causes behind them.

Banging Noise

A banging noise in the pipes can result due to problems with water pressure or water flow. Two of the most common causes of these noises are water hammer and trapped air bubbles.

Water Hammer: It is a condition that occurs when you shut off water faucets or valves suddenly, bringing fast-moving water to an abrupt halt. Since the water rushing towards the exit is carrying a large amount of momentum, when it meets the closed valve, it creates a loud bang or a series of smaller bangs in the pipes.

Trapped Air Bubbles: Issues in the waterline can create air bubbles in the pipes. If the entrapped air bubbles are causing the banging noise, then you’d hear them right when you first turn on the faucet. You may also notice sputtering as the air bubbles move through the pipes.

Both of these issues can occur for many reasons, so you may need a plumbing expert to evaluate and address the problem.

Humming Noise

When water pressure exceeds the system’s capacity, it can leave the pipes vibrating. This vibration can result in humming noises, which are generally more audible when the water is still running.

High water pressure can occur in any house, but it is notably more common where the home’s water system relies on well water. If your house is operating on well water, then make sure you check the pressure at the tank. Its setting should not be higher than 55 pounds per square inch.

If you don’t have access to reading your tank’s water pressure, then have a professional take a look at it. At Dunn Rite plumbing, we have experts that can test your water pressure and make adjustments to eliminate any humming noises.

Gurgling Noise

When your pipes have difficulty draining, they may retaliate by causing a loud gurgling noise. Usually, this sound indicates clogging or the presence of an obstruction in the pipes.

Obstruction or clogging can occur if someone accidentally throws an item down the drain, or there is a build-up of soap scum, or other debris, or mineral or hard water has become deposited on the sides of the pipes.

If gurgling noises become frequent, then you must get your pipes cleaned by a professional. A professional drain cleaner will take care of pipe obstructions hence reducing or eliminating the sucking and gurgling noises.

Whistling and Squealing

The plumbing system heavily relies on its small components to work perfectly. When these components wear out over time, they can make a squealing and whistling sound.

The squealing sound is most common when the washer of your dishwasher or washing machine breaks down. If you notice squeaks near these appliances when you turn them on, then have a professional plumber check all the components and make sure they are working correctly.

In many cases, loud plumbing noises require the investigation and analysis of a professional. If you need drain cleaning or other plumbing services in your offices or homes, then trust the team at Dunn Rite Plumbing & Gas. To get a free quote, visit our website, or contact us today at 780-443-2434.