6 Signs Indicating Clogs In Sewer Pipes And Possible Solutions

Clogs in sewer pipes: these few words are feared by building owners across the city of Edmonton and perhaps the world. Sewer pipe repairs are usually expensive, and residents are generally responsible for parts of the sewer line that runs in the buildings to the street. In some areas, tree roots can grow through pipes, dirt accumulates and clogs the pipes, and older clay or steel pipes can completely disintegrate with time. Fortunately, if you can detect some initial indications of plumbing failures, money and stress can usually be saved.

Experts say that every year building owners spend a good amount of money to repair their bathroom and kitchen drains or pipes. Experts also claim that buildings which regularly get inspections of their sewer pipes from professional plumbing services are considerably less at risk of having to deal with repairs. This finding can be used to deduce that regular inspection and identification of a clog can save you money, stress, resources and most of all your precious time.

Slow Draining

Slow draining of bathtubs and sinks can be irritating. In such problematic situations, it may be tempting to respond simply by pouring strong liquids down the blocked drain, but this is not helpful when it comes to older pipes since they are already very worn out. Older pipes can be easily consumed or corroded by these highly reactive products.

In addition, a slow drain pipe is often the first indication of a major plumbing problem. To protect the sewer pipes, do not hesitate, get a professional plumber when you discover a slow drain pipe. A plumbing company can deliver an expert evaluation of the best way to fix your building’s sewer system.

Bad Odors Or Strange Sounds

Strong odors and unusual sounds are also the initial signs of a sewer line problem. Sewer line repair may be necessary if your toilet is making strange noises or if a sewer drain appears in your yard.

Waterlogging In The Foundation

Damaged sewers can cause additional moisture to seep through the foundations of your building. Cracks around the foundation of your building or moisture in the walls or the basement need quick attention and perhaps a professional observation to verify that the moisture is not caused by a pipe or sewer leak.

Toilet Water Levels Change

In the morning, one can notice that the water level in the toilet bowl is low. Whereas, last night, the bowl may be almost full. Such changing water levels are often a sign of a faulty sewer system. Be sure to call a professional plumber if you observe this phenomenon.

Basement Drain Stains

Water stains around basement drains are another indication that the sewer line is leaking and the seepage is building up. This might be a small detail to check for but it remains one of the first signs of a problematic sewerage system in your building.

Insects And Pests Increase

A damaged pipeline is like a magnet for rats and most crawling insects. Sewer line repairs may be very important if one notices a rise in the number of crawler insects in your building.

In some situations, sewerage issues can be solved using a simple patch; A plumbing professional will simply cover the leaking pipe but we don’t suggest this as the long term solution. On the other hand, in older buildings, this approach is not useful at all and will increase the cost of the repairs down the road.

Solutions To A Clogged Sewer System

There are many solutions to get a proper functioning sewerage system in your building. A leaking pipe is not to be taken lightly. As it indicates that other pipes may also be on the verge of failure or perhaps leaks. To see if your plumbing system can last, a professional plumber can send a remote camera through the pipe network.

If any pipe is about to break, the camera will expose it. If your entire sewerage system is outdated and weakened, it is better to simply replace it or get it repaired thoroughly. While this may sound like a costly job, its benefits are way higher. The advantage of a properly repaired and maintained sewer system is that a new sewer line will not be needed for many years down the road.

Hire The Professionals

Professionals of any field are by far the better choice and therefore must be hired to get the job done right. Hiring professionals for the building’s plumbing issues will save you much more than just time and money.

Initiate Complete Inspection

A long term solution for having a fully working sewerage system is to get the whole building inspected. Professionals have their unique approaches to find problems. They can make sure that no room for error is left out as they inspect your building the right way.

Identify The Source Of The Issue

Once the building is fully inspected the source of the sewer clog will be found. A source once found must be addressed to keep the pipes from further damages. This will provide the building owners with relief as they will not have to assume anything anymore.

Fix The Source, Not The Clog

Last but not least, the solution proposed will be to tackle the source of the problem and not use a temporary way out. Fixing the source will make sure the building is safe and can function for a long period of time with no additional costs.

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