The first thing that comes to mind when buying a home is maintenance The time, labor and efforts required should be mentally noted before purchasing a home. But, if you’ve already purchased your home and the economic obligations are fulfilled, maintenance should be considered seriously to prolong your homes life. Like automobiles who are ignored without regular oil changes and mechanical work, breakdowns can occur. Home maintenance should be up there high on the list of things-to-do for the welfare of your family.

The various tasks involved can be intimidating but the ultimate result it produces is by far worth the pain. In the long run, you don’t have to churn out thousands of dollars, for example, to fix the roof or plumbing. Its smart to create a list and divide all the tasks into a monthly, quarterly and biannual basis. There is no black and white list that every expert would agree on so here are some recommendations that we think would work for all types of residential locations which are effective and simple.


  • Inspect HVAC filter:this doesn’t need to be done frequently for smaller families who don’t have pets and allergies. It’s fine to change them every two or three months. But, accumulated dirt in the filter is going weigh heavily on its performance and may cause trouble so that’s something to keep an eye out for.
  • Check Fire extinguishers: critical when the time arrives, fires can do serious damage so keep them handy and check their pressure to be safe.


  • Smoke detectors: these need to be checked every 3 months to be ensured that they are working. Doing a battery check and a sound test is recommended. Cleaning is mandatory for it to work properly through its lifespan.
  • Water running and Flushing toilets: this is for places that are used rarely such as guest bathrooms. By doing this, you are preventing grime buildup which can later on become a plumbing nightmare not just for the bathroom, but the whole section of the construction its situated in.


  • Deep cleaning: every 3 or so months, conduct mass cleaning of the house including stairways, roofs, drainage system, gutters, doors, and windows, just to name a few places of extreme interest. This is usually done to inspect and supervise the condition of the home. Prevention is better than the cure so doing this will allow you to take measures if any damage or degradation has occurred.

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