How Do I Maintain My Plumbing System During Winter?

In Canada, many households are left with extended plumbing problems during peak winter due to a lack of adequate maintenance. Some of the common plumbing issues they face include, water heater failure, frozen pipes, water line leaks, clogged kitchen drains, and possible damage around outdoor drains.

When it comes to maintaining your residential plumbing system during winter, there are specific preventative measures you need to take. These steps will help you keep an efficient water heater unit and prevent excess water loss and utility bills. Here are some sure ways to ensure your pipes perform efficiently throughout the winter season.

Prevent Your Water Pipes From Freezing

Frozen plumbing pipes are one of the most severe difficulties people face during wintertime. The water inside the pipes can freeze due to falling temperatures, causing a rupture in the pipes. To avoid this problem, you can wrap the pipes in foam insulation. If the issue persists, call an emergency plumbing expert near you for immediate help.

Another way to protect against frozen pipes is to turn off all the exterior water valves. After that, look for lines in non-insulated areas of your home, including those running along your home’s outer walls. These pipes quickly become frozen during peak wintertime. You can wrap them up with foam or towels to avoid further damage. It’s also a good idea to let your faucets drip slowly to encourage water flow in extreme cold.

Get Your Water Heater Inspected Regularly

Your home water heater is one device that is more important than ever during wintertime. That’s why winter is the perfect time to ensure it is operating optimally. Call a professional plumber to inspect and service your water heating unit thoroughly.

While examining, they can come across various issues and make any necessary repairs or replacements due to possible wear or corrosion. Adjust your heater’s water temperature as suggested by your plumbing contractor to prevent scalding water and decrease energy waste.

Avoid Clogging Kitchen Drains

The festive period calls for inviting family and friends over and preparing some of the largest meals of the year. How you dispose of your kitchen leftovers and table scraps can significantly impact your plumbing system. For instance, fats or oils can accumulate in the drains, which is why you should never pour these leftovers down your drain to avoid pipe clogging.

Alternately, allow grease to solidify in the cooking dish and then scrape it into the trash later. Always maintain your kitchen pipes through a plumbing professional frequently to avoid kitchen drain difficulties during the winter season.

Hire The Right Plumbing Contractor

Your home is one of the most important investments you can make in your lifetime. Thus, when it comes to its plumbing system maintenance, you need to hire someone qualified and experienced enough to perform the job well. Here is what you can do to ensure you hire only the best plumbing technician.

  • Hire the services of a trustworthy, reputable local plumbing company
  • Ensure the plumbing technician is a certified, licensed, and insured
  • Employ a plumbing expert that can provide you with an upfront explanation of what’s wrong with your plumbing system and other equipment
  • They should also let you know about the entire maintenance and repair process in advance
  • Make sure your service provider offers you an itemized worklist, showing what needs to be done and how much it will cost

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