Water heaters are important home equipment especially when you live in a cold place like Edmonton. Old-fashioned water heaters consume more power than the modern heating systems. You may be faced with an inadequate hot water supply if you have an old water heater installed in your home or office. There can be a number of reasons why your water heater system isn’t working properly. You can determine the problem using simple techniques and tools before seeking help from a professional plumber. What follows are some of the common plumbing issues associated with water heaters:

No hot water

When hot water stops coming from the tap, it is certain that there is something wrong either with the heating elements or other fixtures. First of all, turn off power to the unit and remove the cover from the upper element port. Then, remove the insulation and cover to the element assembly. Press the red button to reset.

There could a problem with the electrical supply if the reset button isn’t working. You can use a volt-ohm meter to test the electrical supply. You probably need to buy a new water heater if the space inside the upper element port is wet. There may be something wrong with the thermostat; if so, seek help from a professional to replace the thermostat.

Water heater leakage

Having a leaking water heater is one of the common problems households face. The corrosion of the tank steel body is likely to be the reason why water is leaking. The discharge of the overheated water from pressure relief valve can also cause water leakage. You should immediately call a plumber to resolve leakage problems.

Pilot light blows out frequently

You might need assistance from a professional plumber to determine whether the thermocouple is faulty or not. The function of a thermocouple is to shut off the gas when the pilot goes out. A problematic thermocouple shuts off the pilot frequently without cause. You can install a downdraft hood on the top of the unit and a pilot-light baffle to stop the flame from blowing out.

If you are unable to figure out why the pilot light blows out frequently, call an experienced plumber to fix the issue immediately. It is not always possible to resolve some plumbing problems using DIY techniques.

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