4 Common Pipe Noises And Their Causes

Your plumbing system is one of the most common causes of problems in your house. Since it is the most complex system, it faces a lot of issues that only a professional plumber can fix.

Your plumbing system consists of many pipes and if they were not properly installed at the time of construction then they can cause a lot of problems.

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If you are hearing sounds from your pipes then it is due to a plumbing malfunction and you will need to hire a professional residential plumber to fix the issue.

The sounds coming from your pipes are an indication that there is something wrong with your home’s plumbing system.

These sounds can be really annoying and irritating and are signs of some serious plumbing issues that you will need to solve as soon as possible.

In this blog post, we will talk about 5 common pipe noises and their causes.


Banging noises are a common noise that comes from pipes. These noises are a sign that there is a problem with the water flow or pressure.

The most common cause of these banging sounds are trapped air bubbles or water hammers.

Trapped air bubbles form when there is an issue in your water line. If the banging is being caused by trapped air bubbles then the noise will usually occur right after you first turn on the faucet and as the air bubbles travel you will see the water sputter.

When a faucet or valve is shut down suddenly it causes a water hammer. Since the water rushes through the pipes towards the exit with high momentum, when it meets a closed valve it causes a loud bang. This can also result in a series of small bangs in your pipes.

To solve both of these issues you will need to call a professional residential plumber who will first evaluate the problem and then fix the issue.


When the water pressure of your house is too high for the plumbing systems capacity it causes vibration in your pipes. When the water runs through the pipes it results in a humming noise.

High water pressure is a common problem that is faced by many households but typically this issue is common in houses that rely on well water.

So, if you have a well check the pressure at the tank, the setting should generally not be higher than 55 pounds per square inch.

But if you do not have access to the reading of your water pressure then you will have to call a certified plumbing company, they will come and check the pressure and will make the necessary repairs to eliminate the humming sounds.


The pipes in your house are usually installed behind the ceiling, floors and walls. Therefore your pipes should be properly installed by professionals.

If a pipe is not fastened properly a part of it may start to loosen up over time and then when the water passes through that pipe it will cause a rattling sound.

Since your pipes are mostly located behind the walls and ceilings fixing this issue will become a difficult task.

Hence you will have to hire a professional plumber who will first find the broken pipes and then fix them to get rid of the rattling sound.


When there is a problem with the drainage system of your house it causes a distinct gurgling sound.

This noise is usually an indication that the pipes are having an issue while draining the water and is a sign that there is an obstruction in the pipes.

This obstruction that is restricting the movement of the water can be dirt, debris, built-up soap scum on the sides of the pipes.

To fix this issue you will need to call a professional drain cleaner who will clean and solve the gurgling sounds.

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